Our Priorities

Current Activities(Page)The current objectives for Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group (are detailed within this year’s Operational Plan).

Our main focus is to improve patient care (both in terms of results and experience) and where consistent with this to reduce overall costs. We will also seek to develop the organisation of Chiltern CCG in order to become a fully authorised statutory NHS body by April 2013.

Our core objectives are:

To encourage best practice between member Practices

Much of Chiltern CCG’s success to date has come from comparing ways of working between member Practices and consequent discussions. Practices want to perform towards the top of any comparison charts, and have shown they are willing to learn from others, and to make use of others’ skills. We intend to develop this further.

To increase planned care in the community

Chiltern CCG’s Practices recognise that referrals to hospital for planned care should generally only be made after other avenues have been explored and only in compliance with agreed guidelines. With this vigilance, referrals to hospitals are now lower than in previous years.

To reduce emergency admissions to acute hospitals

Many patients are admitted to hospital unnecessarily. For those who suffer from long term illnesses, it is possible to improve monitoring of these conditions and seek to provide appropriate care and treatment in the community that may avoid the need for a hospital admission. Patients clearly benefit because most will prefer to be treated in their own homes and there will be a lower risk of infection. Identifying such ‘vulnerable patients’ who are at risk of possible hospital admission is key to reducing these admissions.

To improve prescribing quality and reduce costs

Chiltern CCG Practices have been successful over a number of years in maintaining quality prescribing whilst controlling costs. For the patient, this means ensuring that they receive the most appropriate medicine to meet their needs for the right amount of time. This has been achieved through excellent Executive leadership, accurate timely information, a reasonable budget with the right incentives, and tailored support to each practice, where appropriate. We will maintain our focus in this area and believe we can continue to deliver high quality prescribing as well as savings through our proven method of working with Practices. The savings achieved are reinvested to improve patient care available through local practices.

To improve well-being and life-style behaviours

Health promotion does take time to effect change and see results. Encouraging healthy lifestyles clearly has long term advantages both for individual patients who benefit from improved health and also in releasing resources to be more targeted at specific health needs. It is important that Chiltern CCG increases its engagement now in view of the expected financial pressures over the next years.

To engage more fully with patients and the public

We have already begun a programme of public and patient engagement through a series of Locality meetings and aim to continue these through the year. We will continue to develop this website as a key vehicle for engaging with the public and we will encourage member practices to engage more effectively with their patients.

To continue to develop Chiltern CCG as an effective organisation

To continue to develop Chiltern CCG as an effective organisation.

The following objectives remain central for the development of Chiltern CCG: 

  • To seek to enthuse and enable all 34 Practices within Chiltern CCG to participate wholeheartedly in clinical commissioning.
  • To become a fully authorised, statutory NHS Clinical Commissioning Group by April 2013.