Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files

Some documents on our site may be in Adobe Portable Document Format.

Adobe PDF documents allow us to provide you, via our website, with reports, leaflets, applications and other materials that maintain the attractive formatting and graphic images of the printed version without the time and cost of re-formatting as individual web pages. The format also enables documents to be viewed on the widest range of platforms possible.

To open PDF documents, you will need to have Adobe Reader software installed on your computer.

Download free Adobe Reader software
Get Abobe ReaderYou will need a pdf reader to view pdf files. The Adobe Acrobat® pdf reader may be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the Adobe icon to the right.

Accessibility tools for Adobe PDF
Adobe have developed a number of ways to make PDF files accessible to those using screen readers. For more information, visit their Acrobat Accessibility page.