About Us

NHS Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group (Chiltern CCG)

Chiltern CCG is a group of 34 GP practices in Amersham, Wycombe, and across South Buckinghamshire, serving a population of over 320,000.

Since July 2016, Chiltern CCG has been federated with Aylesbury Vale CCG, the other CCG in Buckinghamshire, so that together we act on behalf of the whole county.

Commissioning involves

  • assessing the health needs of a population
  • taking responsibility for ensuring that appropriate services are available to meet those needs
  • being accountable for the associated health results.

Under the new legislation we are aiming to become an authorised, NHS Statutory body in April 2013. As we work towards this, we are continuing to work closely with NHS Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Cluster who remains formally responsible during this year for the planning and securing of health services until then.