Individual Funding Requests

Bucks CCGs statement on IFR data and policy – 5 July 2017

NHS Aylesbury Vale and NHS Chiltern CCGs adopt the same priority statements as the rest of the Thames Valley CCGs, in order to provide assurance that patients have equitable access to health care.

The Individual Funding Request (IFR) data for Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Groups is a count of all the referrals that the IFR team process on our behalf, however they also provide us with a referral triage service and these referrals have been included in error.

This wide variation in data across CCGs is a result of differences in what is actually being counted by individual IFR teams, some of whom, as in Bucks, are delivering a wider service than typical IFR management.

Our use of wording on our website is not helpful; on reflection we can see this is misleading and will take immediate steps to ensure the process is more accurately described. In addition, we will work with our Thames Valley CCGs to ensure we all apply the IFR terminology in a more standardised way in the future, which should better reflect correct IFR levels.

The actual clinical policies implemented by Bucks are the same as those implemented across the Thames Valley, based on clinical evidence available and with legal and ethical support. They are not unique to Bucks and are commonly used by other CCGs.

Individual Funding Requests

Individual funding requests are made by clinicians on behalf of their patients for treatment that is not usually commissioned by the CCG in normal circumstances. Our policies on common requests for IFR such as cosmetic surgery and IVF can be found through the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Central Southern Website.

Individual Case Review Panel

The Individual Case Review Panel (ICRP) considers Individual Funding Requests (IFRs) for elective care treatments/interventions that are not routinely funded or commissioned by the clinical commissioning Groups in Buckinghamshire. The panel is administered by the Commissioning Support Unit on behalf of the Clinical Commissioning Groups across Thames Valley.

Procedures of Limited Clinical Value (Low Priority)

These are treatments/interventions which are not routinely funded or commissioned.  The Panel (ICRP) is happy to consider an IFR if the clinician believes there is a strong case for a specific patient on grounds of an exceptional health need.

Threshold Dependent Procedures

These are treatments/interventions which are routinely funded or commissioned when the patient meets the defined criteria for treatment.

Individual Case Review Panel – Operational Policy

The Individual Cases Policy and its Annexes describe the rationale for an Individual Case Review Panel (ICRP), the context in which it makes decisions and how it operates.  It is written for residents of Buckinghamshire and for their clinicians (General/Dental Practitioners and Medical Consultants), in order to help decide whether it is appropriate to apply to the Panel and to help ensure any IFR meets the guidelines and operational policies of the Clinical commissioning Groups.

Individual Cases Policy can be found at Individual Funding Request (IFR) Central Southern Website.

Panel meetings

These occur twice a month on the Third Wednesday of the month and the fourth Thursday of the month. The deadline for these meetings is the Third Monday of each month. Please note that a case will only be considered if the information is provided in full.  Missing information will delay the process.

Reconsideration of Cases

Cases can be reconsidered when ‘new’ additional clinical information is provided. More details can be found in the Operational Policy.

Appealing a decision

If you wish to appeal against a decision then the process that the case has been through will be reviewed and not the decision made. More details can be found in the Operational Policy.

If you have any additional questions

Please contact the Buckinghamshire Individual Funding Request (Priorities) Team on 01494 555530 or email for all enquiries about the policy statements or the process for considering Individual Funding Requests.